Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Weekend in Oban

Ah, great news! My laptop is back in action. I found a repair tool online which has sorted the thing out for me. What’s more, it’s going better than it did before. What a relief!

Well, folks, we had a nice few days in Oban. By the time we got over there on Saturday there wasn’t much else to do other than settle in to our B & B and then head out for something to eat. Whenever we are in Oban and we’re thinking of going to a restaurant first thoughts are of ‘The Light of India’. For my money LOI serves the best Indian food in town.

Next day, Sunday, and the highlight of our weekend. We walked a short but lovely route called – we think – the Argyll Coastal Route (North). This is the road which goes past the golf course, past the Rare Breeds Park and comes out at Connel.

It was a lovely morning and I was so glad I took my camera with me. We set out on this walk just after nine in the morning. What a beautiful day, a day when Joanne and I felt completely chilled. One of those days when you’re out and about and you don’t have to say all that much to each other. One of those days when every now and again you sigh with contentment without realising you’re doing it.

Anyway, the pictures should speak for themselves. This is the second time I’ve been on that road, actually. The first time was last year and on that occasion I was cycling.

When we got to Connel we didn’t have the heart for walking on the busy main road so the nice man at ‘The Glue Pot’ (that’s the pub adjacent to ‘The Oyster Inn’ phoned us a taxi.

That night we ate Chinese.

Monday was mainly shopping. And eating. At lunch time we had soup and sandwiches in ‘Mondo’s’. This cost about £5.50 and it was worth every penny.

In the evening we went to ‘Piazza’. That’s right: Monday night was Italian night. REAL pizza, this, with freshly cooked base. I had hot and spicy while Joanne had regular. With a nice little bottle of Spanish white to go with it! A lovely meal. And then out and about for a couple of refreshments.

On Tuesday we came back to Tiree. Last night it was our drama class. We have a presentation to do in a couple of weeks so things are getting a little more serious. No, I take that back. We had a great laugh last night while, at the same time, actually learning something.

I had the rest of the week off now and I intend to do some cycling and other exercise. I am overweight for the challenges I have set myself for the coming few months and I intend to shame myself into losing a few pounds by recording my progress – or lack of it – here in this blog. More of this later.

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