Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sleepy Head/Making Your Wishes Known To Santa

A fine day on Tiree, today. With so much activity going on here on Tiree at the moment I'm rather ashamed to say that I spent most of the day either lounging about in the house (while Joanne was out at work) or making a few half-hearted attempts to record a couple of tunes.

Then again I was dog tired up until I had my afternoon nap. Let me re-phrase that in the current politically correct parlance: I had a power nap. I'm a great believer in power napping. I have been ever since I was about seventeen.

This is probably the reason why I am such a poor sleeper. I seem to spend hours awake every night, just staring at the ceiling, making my plans for the day ahead. But when it comes time to get up I'm so tired I don't have the energy to do any of them!

If I had the luxury of not having to work for a living I reckon I would sleep when I was tired and do stuff when I felt like it, whatever of the time.

I mention this because an elderly friend always asks me - as she did today - how well I am sleeping. She sleeps remarkably well and is rather bemused when I tell her how I lie awake half the night listening to Radio Five Live.

Enough of that. I eventually pulled myself out of the house at about five o'clock and took myself over to Gott Bay, where most of today's action - in the competition at least - appeared to be taking place. Of course by the time I got there things were winding down. I tried to take a couple of pictures but my little digital camera is woefully inadequate for the kind of pictures I want to take.

Maybe I'll ask Santa for a new camera.

Joanne, Jennifer and I have established a new method for working out what to buy each other for Christmas. What we do is we make a 'wish list' and email it to ... Santa. But we make sure we copy each other in to the email.

I know, I know.

I was going to tell you how to vote for A' Bhuain in the Hands up for Trad awards but I think that deserves a post of it's own.

Tonight I am recording. Tomorrow - apart from a couple of quick little tasks - I have the day off. Hopefully I will get on my bike and go check out the surfing scene. I am no surfer, I just want to make that plain. But I always find the folks who come to the island at this time of year a really good bunch of people and I like to enjoy the vibe. I will take my woefully inadequate camera with me (please take note, Santa) just in case.

Have a nice night, everyone,

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