Friday, October 20, 2006

Not Again

Greetings ... from Joanne's computer. My laptop has crashed. Well, crash is probably not exactly the right word. More like it slumped to the floor this morning, made a few noises which convinced me it might still be alive. Now it's flat-lining.

For the past few days my laptop had been getting slower and slower. I began to suspect a bug. But my virus scanner showed up nothing. I tried defragmenting and I tried cleaning the disk. I tried launching my spy-ware. And of course I tried a full system scan with my virus scanner. Nothing. But still the laptop got weaker and weaker.

I am not given to violence but at several points today I felt like just picking the damn thing up and smashing it off the floor.

But hey, wait a minute: a good part of 'my life' is in there. I use my laptop to communicate with people all over the world, to download podcasts, to keep my music in, to surf the net.

The I remembered that feature of Windows XP: the System Restore. I decided to go back quite a few weeks to get back to where I was before the problems started.

Half way through the System Restore - while I was not in the room - the laptop powered down. Now I have half a 'restored' computer. Some things on it work. Unfortunately the things I care most about - like internet access - don't. I can't even 'undo' my last System Restore because that program doesn't work anymore!

So I have to get myself an up to date disk which will allow me to reinstall XP.

What a drag.

Any suggestions what I can do?

On a brighter note I really enjoyed this week's Tiree Wave Classic. As I was explaining to my friend Doc Holliday earlier tonight I know absolutely nothing about wind surfing. But I know a good atmosphere when I feel it. Everything on Tiree this week was perfect apart from the fact that there was no wind.

On Wednesday the T15 (kids) competition was held here in Cornaigmore. It was great. Even if there was no wind out there on the loch everyone was hollering, the burger van was there, the sound system was blasting out Pink Floyd ... we had a 'wail' of a time.

Congratulations to the organisers, both local and from the mainland, who make this wonderful event such a success.

Joanne and I are off to Oban tomorrow for a few days rest and recreation. Joanne hasn't been feeling too well of late so this is a timely visit. Some 'retail therapy' will do her good, I am sure.

If I find an Internet cafe (do they still call them that?) I will log on and give you and update.

In the meantime, goodnight from a very PC user. Maybe I should get a Mac ... ?

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