Monday, October 30, 2006

Lab Rat

I know that a lot of people log in to this blog because they remember my Tiree Online News website. Of course, this isn't the same deal. So I'm sorry if I'm boring everyone with my tales of circuit training and near-death experiences while trying to run a half marathon. Or composing my wacky songs or whatever.

Will and Doc Holliday are thinking about running a serial in An Tirisdeach and on the web where they take someone who is not completely fit and make them - well, fit. They're asking me to take part.

And of course I will do it. I need that target, that goal, that challenge, to know that people are wanting me to succeed/fail and that they're watching and waiting. So yes, I will do it.

I thought I was supposed to mellow out when I became 50?

1 comment:

Derek S said...

Dude , life is full of challenges and I really think you should not take up the Hallidays' challenge.
I suggest:much more power napping and eating biscuits and other unhealthy foods.At 50 you have probably reached your goals.LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE RUNNING AROUND LIKE A MADMAN.