Saturday, October 07, 2006

Into The Teeth Of A Howling Gale

Well, I did it. My time is not remarkable. I ran the half marathon course I set out for myself in 02.48.03.

The omens were not good this morning. Never mind that vicious wind coming out of the north-west first thing this morning. WE HAD NO POWER. Cornaigmore seemed to be the only place affected. BUT I NEED MY STRONG COFFEE BEFORE I RUN, I thought. So it was out with the camping stove and on with the little kettle which whistles when it's ready.

Breakfast was an energy gel-pack, a bagel and some energy drink. And then it was out and on with it.

Now let me tell you, if I could only have run due east for 13.1 miles I would have logged a personal best. Well, actually, any time I logged would be a personal best because I haven't run a half marathon before. So let me put it this way: if I could have benefited from that tail wind for the entire run I would have put in an impressive run.

Part of my route meant going down the pier road and turning around and heading back to Scarinish once I went round the tear-drop island. As soon as I did that, boy, what a difference. From there on in, it was tough.

Going over the reef took ages but by this time the wind had swopped round to a south-westerly so I had a little help going up Kenovay. By the time I turned left to head back to Cornaigmore it wasn't so much the wind as the inevitable fatigue I was battling.

But I got there. It was weird stopping moving. And boy, were my legs protesting. I went upstairs to run a bath and it was like climbing Everest. Some stretching has alleviated the discomfort and my legs don't feel too bad tonight.

One scare along the way was when I was just past Parkhouse and suddenly there was an almighty pain in my left calf. I had to pull up sharp. I thought I had pulled a muscle but I guess it was only cramp. I've never had trouble in this calf muscle before so I was completely surprised. I stopped another couple of times to stretch it out and although it was tight and sore for the rest of the run it was bearable.

My co-timer, Joanne, was waiting for me with a hug and a kiss and she took a photo of me crossing my imaginary finish line. Unfortunately, Blogger does not want me to upload pictures tonight for some reason but I'm sure you will not be too disappointed that you can't immediately see a picture of a worn out me arriving back home after running the half marathon.

Tonight I will relax, watch other results coming in at Phedippidations.

I am a tired but a happy man. I am now a half-marathon runner. Who'd have thunk it?


Love2Run said...

Congrats on being a 1/2 marathoner! What's next, the full meal deal ;-) Take care and rest well.

marathonchris44 said...

Great job on your race!!!

Gordon said...

Thanks for all your good wishes. It means a lot to me that you've logged on and sent me these messages. I'm just picking this up Tuesday morning and I managed not to come down the stairs backwards!