Monday, October 09, 2006

A Girl's Got To Do What A Girl's Got To Do ...

Joanne and I had intended to go out along with our daughter Jenny to celebrate my running of the WWH on Saturday evening. However the gale that blew during my run got worse that night and we just didn't feel like going anywhere.

Instead, Joanne and I flopped down on the carpet with a refreshment or two and listened to music from way back when. Mostly it was stuff that was going around when we started going out with each other, back in 1978.

Oh - and Joanne rubbed my aching tootsies for me. What a gal! What a Kodak Moment!

Now in those days, kiddies, we listened to our favourite bands and artistes via records and cassette tapes. If you young readers look up Wikepidia all will be revealed.

Saturday evening, Joanne and I were listening to all our favourite 'oldies' courtesy of the laptop inked up to our stereo amplifier.

We couldn't even have begun to imagine such a thing would exist when we started going out with each other, lo, those 28 years ago!

I'm not one of those people who thinks things were necessarily better in 'the old days'. And I certainly don't think there are no good bands about anymore. Quite the reverse. There are excellent rock bands out there, more so than ever.

Even politicians on the world stage have become BETTER at making VERY BAD decisions.

When I was a little boy an American president named John Fitzgerald Kennedy rein in his Chiefs of Staff during the Cuba Missile crisis. If he had not managed to do this it is unlikely any of us would be here at the moment. He remains the hero of my lifetime. A man with many faults but I think that when you balance these against saving the world from nuclear destruction they don't amount to much.

I despair as I witness the antics of Bush and Blair. I just don't know how much worse things have to get before they start to get better. Perhaps they never will.

It's good, then, to be able to remember that life has purpose, that we can set our own goals, that we can make things meaningful. People like you and I don't get their names written down in the history books and when we're gone we'll probably be soon forgotten.

That's why the NOW is the most important thing. And how we treat each other.

(How did I get from Joanne rubbing my toes to President Kennedy saving the world?)

I'm a 50 year old guy making new discoveries about myself on a daily basis. I see the guy in pictures and I think 'he looks like he's getting on a bit' but that's not how I feel inside. Inside I feel alive, fit and ready, willing and able to be excited by new stuff.

The world is what we make it folks. Why not make it a nice one?


Gary Crosbie said...

Congratutulations on your run.
13 miles on your Bill,outstanding.(outrunning would be more appropriate)
What tunes were in your head?

Gordon said...

It's a strange thing that Gary. When I go out running I usually have a little made-up mantra or a tune in my head. Anything that's repetitious and keeps my mind off the pain!

Neil said...


I think I am right in saying my parents had the first TV on the island - a Pye 14". I was born in 1959 and I think it was around about that time. For many years all we saw was snow!