Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting There

I can’t believe  it’s exactly a week since I was in Aviemore with Joanne, Becky and Will.  And so far not a word written about it!  Sorry about that folks.  Actually, I’ve sort of promised to write about the event for An Tirisdeach, the next edition of which is due out this Friday, so I’d better get my skates on.

The big thing this weekend has been training.  Next weekend it’s the World Wide Half Marathon so the big things for me over the past couple of days have been running and cycling.  

Yesterday, Saturday, I ran/walked from Cornaigmore to Scarinish and back, a distance of 10.8 miles all round.  I’ll not tell you how long it took me to do this – it’s just too embarrassing.  But then again I mustn’t lose sight of the fact that I am a 50 year old ‘newbie’.  I hadn’t run at all until I started getting in to shape for  Tiree 10k.

While I was out on the road yesterday a very nice lady stopped in her car to ask me if I was Gordon Scott and when I said yes she went on to tell me how much she liked reading this blog and how much she’d enjoyed the old Isle of Tiree Online News site I used to run.  In fact she went on to say that she thought it was me when she saw I was sporting a knee support!  Her kind remarks made me very happy.

(By the way, I’ve decided to run/walk the half marathon due to the problems with the old knee and in any case it’s a recognised and legitimate way for an amateur to undertake a distance event.  I think my ratio of running to walking will be something like running 9 minutes and walking 1.)

This afternoon I went for a cycle on Brigitte.  Once again it was a case of going over to Scarinish and coming back, mainly to keep those muscles loose after yesterday’s long run.  But today it was colder, windier, and when I got back I found it hard to get warmed up.  In fact, I’m writing this huddled next to one of the radiators in the living room!

So, not much in the way of ‘creativity’ this weekend either.  I’ve got a couple of songs on the go at the moment, trying to get them recorded and mixed but not much is going to happen this week I don’t think.

That wacky little song, ‘Buddha Bill’, has now been heard online by hundreds – if not thousands – of people.  This week it’s going out on the very popular ‘Zen and Art of Triathlon’ podcast.  I’ll provide a link for that when the show airs.  It’s pleasing to me that the people picking up on the song are health and fitness shows.

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Just to let you know I got your comment and have to spend some time going through your blogs. Thanks for the nice comment. If you ever have some songs you want to send my way, I'll be glad to post them on my podcast. Tyler