Monday, October 16, 2006

Easy Living/Hands Up For Trad

What I ended up doing today was not cycling or doing any kind of exercise. I became totally focused on the new tune I was recording and spent hours on it. The new song is called Easy Living and you can listen to it by following the link under 'listen to my music'. It's about how Joanne and I met - 28 years ago or something like that - and I hope you enjoy the underlying humour of it all.

I've been meaning to tell you for days now about Hands Up for Trad. 'Trad' in this case refers to traditional music. There's an award being set up and I think we should all vote for A' Bhuain. There are probably two categories you can vote for the Homecoming under: best community project and best event of the year. At least I think that's the categories ... Och, you'll work it out when you get there.

Here's the link:

The way this works is that we nominate A' Bhuain first of all using this online form. (Only one set of nominations is allowed from a single computer thus there can be no multiple voting.) If A' Bhuain gets enough votes it goes on to stage 2 which, presumably, involves judging.

I took the picture above this afternoon when Joanne and I went over to Gott Bay for a cheeseburger. How healthy! Still a great buzz surrounding the whole Wave Classic thing.

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