Saturday, October 28, 2006

Circuit Training

Here on Tiree we have a gymnasium of sorts. It’s in the Baptist Church Hall in Baugh. Some of the local lads set it up. I’ve only used it about twice, though. I have a multi-gym at home. Then of course if you’re looking for somewhere to run or cycle Tiree is just the place to indulge yourself … when the weather is with you.

And that’s the problem. All week – well, at least since we got back from Oban last on Tuesday – it seems to have been raining non-stop. Of course a bit of rain never hurt anyone but there’s also been a bit of a strong wind blowing throughout the course of the days.

I’m not so bothered about missing out on my running at the moment. To be honest with you my knee is seriously aching at the moment. I really blame it all on that fall I took while over gigging with the band in Coll, way back in August. This injury is taking a long time to heal.

But there’s poor Brigitte (my Giant Road Bike) who seems to have been stuck in the shed for the longest time.

So it is with some relief that I tell you the Saturday morning circuit training resumes in An Talla this morning. I notice with some interest that what was a one hour session at the start of the year has now become a two hour session. I have no idea why, unless our coach, Will, is going to include Pilates as part of the work out.

Will is talking about some kind of project where he takes me – a fairly fit guy for my age (50) – and helps me achieve all I can without (hopefully) actually killing me. I’ll get some feedback from him this morning.

As I mentioned a few days back I am certainly overweight for all the things I want to achieve next year – things like a couple of half marathons and a few other sporting challenges. I also need to discipline myself a little more when it comes to workouts, training and cycling. I can’t afford to just train when I feel like it.

So here’s the low-down: I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 186 lbs. I’m about 5’ 8” tall – but that’s just a guess. As you can see if I want to keep running without causing my knee joints to fuse up I have to reduce the impact in some way.

Losing some of that weight would help.

And that brings me back to the rain. Both Joanne and I were stuck in the house yesterday so we ate. And ate. In other words we were a little depressed at not being able to get out. That’s one of the penalties of living on a small, remote island. I mean, you’re not going to pop out to the theatre, club or cinema on days like that, not on Tiree at any rate.

To our credit, though, both of us have been eating a lot of white meats and we’ve been trying to cut out bread and potatoes and all that stuff and replacing it with rice or salad.

So it’s off to An Talla in about half an hour from now. Actually, Joanne was there last night, at a ‘ladies night’ organised by Norma and Fifi. Virgin Vie and Party Light products. I don’t think the balance to our bank balance is in any way substantial.

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