Saturday, October 28, 2006

After the Circuits

Saturday afternoon … well, that was quite a workout! Since I stopped circuit training sometime in March and went over to road running a lot of muscles – particularly my hamstrings – seem to have gone to sleep. They certainly felt the burn this morning.

There was a good turn out. I saw my mate Ronnie at the Co-op before this morning’s session and asked him if he wanted to come along. Ronnie is a real runner, about my age but very dedicated and very good at long distances. He actually RAN to the hall this morning and then took part in the session.

The circuit comprised left and right-leg lunges, crunches, shoulder presses, press-ups, step exercises, star jumps, upright squats, triceps lifts and shuttle running. We did the course three times. My first run through was a bit of a disaster but the second was much better. Everyone found this, in fact. In the second run through I really tried to go for it. The result was that come the third run through I had as much energy as a wet rag.

But Joanne and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great feeling when you get through something really difficult, something that really causes you to extend your limits and, yes, to go through that personal endurance boundary.

Our coach, Will, took a note of all our performances and will work out a schedule for us based on these.

After the circuit training we did a simple pilates session. Some of these exercises are really tough. Joanne and I are really in awe of our friend Bella. Bella is a little bit older than I am and she has been doing pilates for years. As a result she has a great figure and she is very physically fit.

This afternoon we’ve been chilling out a little bit. I had hoped to go for a bike ride this afternoon but those hamstrings are yelping.

Tonight we are having some friends from the drama class over for wine and nibbles. We’re trying to get ideas together for a presentation we have to make in front of some kind from Argyll College in about a week or so. No one is really prepared for this so we’d better get our skates on.

3.30pm – I think a bath to soothe those aching muscles would be a good idea.

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