Friday, October 06, 2006

The 1st Annual World Wide Half Marathon/Seamus Heaney/Basking Sharks/New Song

Well, folks, the World Wide half-Marathon is nearly upon me. If you've checked the weather for Tiree this weekend you'll have seen that it's a rather disgusting forecast - especially when you've decided to run or run/walk 13.1 miles with a trick knee. I checked with Steve Walker of Phedippidations and he assures me that I'll be able to log a time up until the 17th of this month so I could wait for better weather if I wanted to. But heck, I've had my sights on this weekend for months now. Joanne, Jenny and I are even planning to go out to celebrate tomorrow night. (How's that for optimism!)

So the running gear is all looked out and the energy drink is mixed and in the fridge and I'm 'good for go'.

On a completely different theme, Bev, Tony and Harry Richmond have been in touch to tell me about Seamus Heaney, a bona fide northern Irish poet. Of course. I had him at the back of my mind but to be honest I haven't read much of his stuff. But here's an example kindly sent to me by the Richmonds.

More about Tiree Coconuts in this week's edition of An Tirisdeach. I must get on to the editor and make her aware of Charles Nelson's recent communication with this blog.

Once again another week has not gone past without Tiree being featured on the BBC radio news. This time it's those beautiful creatures, Basking Sharks. Apparently the stretch of water between Tiree and Coll is one of the 'hot spots' for observing them. In all the years I've now lived here I've yet to see one. One day soon, I hope. Anyway, here's a link to the story.

And finally, I recorded a new song this morning and it's available for listening online. If you thought 'Buddha Bill' was an aberration this new offering should convince you that I have a rather odd style of song writing. This song is called 'Family Demands' and is a breezy little tune ... about an unhappy childhood. Honest, I just pick up the guitar, I start singing and what comes out is what comes out. Click on the link near the top right column to hear 'Family Demands' - if you dare!

Hey folks, I'll see you on the other side of the finishing line.


Anonymous said...

Run long Gordon! May the wind be at your back from every direction!!

The fact that you've trained for such an event is an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations in advance, and I look forward to reading the results!

- Steve "Runner" Walker

dpeach said...

Congrats on the run Gordon. I finished the race this morning. I had bib number 13.

Gordon said...

Thanks Steve and thanks David. We've really done something special here.