Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wonder Women

A close friend of ours has breast cancer. Thank God it is in the early stages and it's nowhere else in her body. Get the operation and then take the chemotherapy and all will be will. Our dear friend goes in to the operating theatre on Thursday. God bless her and all will be well.

Women are wonderful. I mean, when I get a little sniffle of a cold I feel pretty sorry for myself and expect others to dance attendance on me. After all, I'm not well!

On the other hand women have babies. 'Nuff said.

But seriously, I wouldn't want to be a woman. I'd especially not like to be a woman at that particular age when you feel life is great one moment and then the next you're in the depths of depression and you have no idea why. And you can't stop crying.

I think women are great. Not only do you bring us all in to the world but then when you marry us you have to put up with all of our c***.

The friend I mentioned at the start of the blog is the third of our friends this year who has had to go in for surgery because of 'lumps' on self-examination. I just don't know how they cope.

I think women are great. And I'm the lucky one - I got the best woman of all!

Please God bless our dear friend and bring her safely back to us.

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