Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wonder Women #2

Here's an email I received a couple of days ago. It was so welcome and I was really touched by it.

Good Evening Gordon

I was sorry to read of the lady friends who have recently had breast cancer. My thought and prayers go out to them and I hope they come through it all ok. Take it from me, been there done that...once in a lifetime is an adventure...but I do not wish to repeat that adventure. I'm into my 3rd year...and taking high priced ($170) per month) aromosin. I was on tamoxifin for 2 1/2 years ($30 per month). and this spring my oncologist said this pricey drug was better for me. That price is definitely better for the makers of the drug and you almost need a magnifying glass to see the pill. Oh well, you do what you have to...

I do hope the ladies remember to retain a sense of humour, as it will get you through the days when you feel like crying buckets. And some days it is good to sit down with a "hot cuppa" and have a good howl, but for heaven sakes stay out of the "pity pot".

Does it change your outlook on life...for me it has..I grumble less, enjoy more and take less for granted.(Note: I didn't give up grumbling entirely...just ask my favourite hubby...Wallace.)

I recall my daughter-in-law calling, and saying Mom, you had better go and get your licence done before I come down south with Adrian. (Our birthdays are both in July and we usually do a mother/daughter thing by renewing our driver's licences together. I went and got my new photo taken, and renewed the licence. The next day, as I was coming downstairs, I happened to run my hands through my hair, and I came up with a handful. James our younger son was in the hallway and I jokingly said to him, "James look at this, you and your brother turned my hair grey and now you guys have it falling out." The poor guy blanched.

James was my drill sargent, when I had to do all those arm exercises to get it mobile again. Doctor said once a day...kid said Mom twice a day...morning and night...and he pushed for me to stretch a bit higher..and do a couple extra. It worked but I still firmly believe he was secretly getting even.

You probably don't have sales people or people collecting at the door for one thing or another...but while I had no hair, it was a real asset to answer the doorbell without my wig...The person couldn't get away fast enough.

The bottom line was , that I know for certain, that I look better bald than my brother.

The one thing that these ladies will notice, and my friends who seemed to have breast cancer that same year, is that some people that you feel you can really count on, ..."are not there."..and others who you feel are acquaintances, are there "in spades". Simply you just don't know.

Our friend Jon called from Ontario, and really nailed my shoes to the floor, when he enquired "Jeanette, how are you today?" I started to give a running average, then realized exactly what he said. He meant now, today, this moment. I now ask the same question when I run into people who have had a recent illness or problem..."How are you today?" and that is my question to you, Joanne and your friends.

Take care. God Bless! From Jeanette (Manitoba).

There's nothing I can add to that other than to say our friend is back home and she is feeling really good.

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