Friday, September 01, 2006

Who Are You?

Thank you for visiting my blog. I look at the stats and I see people are stopping by but I don't seem to get much feedback. Send me an email to say who you are and why you're into Tiree and I'll feature it on the blog. My email address is


Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel. You're hard to find! (I wanted to ask you about ordering a t-shirt from the states). You only list your MSN address on PDIP (and I'm not on MSN) so I had to find you on Dr Monte, where I remember hearing about you too...
I don't look at often blogs, as I work at a computer all day, and don't want to spend more time in my chair, but I like podcasts because I can listen away from the horrid computer.
So yes, do a podcast!!! Particulaly one on Pdip training in the counddown now! Regards, Drusy

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
You know who I am, and visiting your blog has become something of a habit.. I haven't entered the world of podcasts, I'm not sure why, perhaps Radio Tiree could be the start?
Its another sunny day in Trinidad, I've spent the morning setting up a computer network at the University ready for the classes next week. I have 10 shiny new trainees to play with on Monday :-) As for the weekend, well, its the calm before the storm (my colleague flies in on Sunday and next week will be work hard, play hard), so I plan to do a LOT of sleeping.
TTFN Lottex