Friday, September 08, 2006

Protein and Peace

Maggots are a great source of protein.  So I heard one night on one of those SAS survival reality shows.  I wonder about midges?  I went out for a late evening 6 mile cycle last night and only realised too late that it was a very still night.  And we all know what that means, don’t we.  I don’t know how many squadrons of midges I swallowed.  The only ones that really bothered me were the ones that lodged themselves at the back of my throat.  Oh – and the ones that attempted to enter my digestive system via a tear duct.  Now, those ones hurt!  So anyway – I know I don’t take enough protein in my diet and for someone who likes to pretend he exercises a little that’s bad.  But how many midges would you have to swallow to make a difference?  More than I did last, I’ll wager.

It’s Friday morning and it’s beautiful out there.  I checked the Tiree weather station online and there’s currently a south easterly breeze of 1 mph.  This has to be on a work morning, of course.  This would have been a great time to get back into my training for the World Wide Half Marathon.

Starting to get some feedback about my podcast idea.  Radio Tiree?  Hmm, it is tempting … but I’ll hang off and get a few more comments.  As I said before I will most likely do an experimental edition and see how it turns out.

A few people have said to me that I should get some ‘Defenders’ tracks online.  Unfortunately, that’s not possible.  The Defenders are a ‘covers’ band – that is, we don’t write original material.  To release a CD of the songs we cover would cost us a fortune in royalty payments so that’s a no-no.  I have started work on an acoustic CD of my own compositions but that’s likely to take me right up until the end of the year to complete.

I have Buddhist prayer flags in my front ‘garden’ and I can see them moving a little in the breeze.  All is calm.  The cars are heading up to the school, teachers and ancillary staff going to work for the last day this week.  The school buses haven’t gone past yet.  In the field across the road the sheep are lying down, enjoying the warm morning. Jenny is in the final stages of getting herself ready for work and I’ll drop her off before heading out for my own place of employment.  

I feel really quite content this morning.  Must make a habit of it.

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