Saturday, September 23, 2006

Off to Aviemore

Well folks, off to Aviemore today. And the really good news is that Joanne was able to get time off work so she’s coming with Becky, Will and myself. We’re heading up to Aviemore to support Will as he takes part in the Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship. These are the finals and of course Will has been doing really well and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for him winning his class.

I’ve just bought a new memory card for the cheap wee digital camera I got from the co-op. All of a sudden I went from having a memory of something like 60 pictures to 1186. So, naturally I hope to bring loads of pictures back from Aviemore.

We’ll be camping at least one night while we’re away and we hope to be meeting up with a lot of crazy Mountain Bikers while we’re away. Should make for an interesting read!

I was on holiday yesterday. It was a better day after a wild night. I checked the Tiree weather observations for during Friday morning and at 1 AM we were getting hit with gusts up to 70 mph. Hurricane Gordon, eh? But although it was breezy yesterday the sun was out and it was reasonably warm. I actually decided that as it was such a fine ‘drying day’ that I should get the laundry basket emptied. Yes folks, I did it. I managed to work the washing machine. Not only that but I hung it out. And I took out the Hoover - and used it - afterwards. And put stuff in the dishwasher. And I tidied out the little junk store I laughingly call my study. What do you think, gals? Hope for me yet?

The annual sale at the School was on last night. I bought a stack of books. ‘The Portable Nietzsche’ intrigued a few people. Then there’s the biography of Karl Marx. Oh, and ‘Leviathan’ by Thomas Hobbes, a book I read in first year philosophy at University. But perhaps the most significant find is a book called ‘Marathon Running for Mortals’. By John Bingham, I’ve been dipping in and out of this since I got it. Looks pretty interesting and helpful.

See you when I get back – which should be on Monday – with lots of pictures and a good tale to tell.

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