Sunday, September 10, 2006

An Interesting Life

Or the title of this blog could have been 'my confused life'. This morning I strapped up my knee and went for a 5 mile run. It took me one hour and one minute but I got through it with no pain and with energy reserves. The rest of the day I've been watching Ironman Wisconsin (I hope I spelt that correctly, I always get it wrong!), the Triathlon Event, live on the internet and finishing off the first track on my wacky forthcoming for-friends-only CD. I suppose you could say I have an a few interesting hobbies - oh, and by the way I'm also about a quarter of the way into a fantasy novel (or something) and, of course, thinking about getting into podcasting - but still I don't feel like I acheive much with my time. I think I've covered this earlier. We tend to think we are failures. It's a human trait.

This morning Joanne was reading the latest blog and I said to her, "I wonder if folks get fed up with the fact that I don't tend to write about what's going on here on Tiree. All I ever write about is my bike and my sore knee." But Joanne thought it was cool. And I suppose that's what a blog is about. I mean, I will talk about Tiree but it will always be from a personal perspective, what's happening to me rather than trying to be a reporter.

Oh and tonight I fixed a new cycle computer on to Brigitte (whose backend is pictured above behind the Fender accoustic guitar I purchased from QVC quite a few years ago now). I just know that now I've gone and bought a new one that the lost one will turn up any day now! Posted by Picasa

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