Saturday, September 02, 2006

Head Full of Wee Motors

There must be some mistake.  The guy on the radio just said the best weather to be had today is in the Highlands where it will be quite sunny.  I’m writing this at 7.30 a.m. BST in bed and it’s raining, windy and I can’t even catch a glimpse of the sea – about a quarter of a mile away – from my window.  Ah, Bonnie Scotland.  

Kids can be amazing.  A friend’s little girl fell off her bed a couple of days ago while playing and broke her collar bone.  Mum and casualty got back to Tiree yesterday and I bumped into them in the Co-op.  I expected the little girl to be greetin’ and moanin’ but not a bit of it.  She seemed more or less her normal self even though her arm was in a sling and she did admit to me ‘it was a wee bit sore’.

Me?  Well, that would be a different matter.  I definitely WOULD be greetin’ and moanin’.  

I’m still toying with this idea of ‘Radio Tiree’ – a monthly podcast which would compliment this blog.  The last time I mentioned this I didn’t get a response but as I’m very much into recording stuff at the moment I’ll probably go ahead and do an experimental edition anyway.  If this sounds appealing in any way or if you have ideas for what sort of stuff you’d like to hear on such a podcast please drop me a line.

7.50 a.m. – and there’s the sea.  In fact I can see the top end of the island.  You see, you can always trust the BBC!

And that reminds me: there is a walking route around Tiree called ‘The Pilgrim Route’ which I meant to walk this year, perhaps over two days.  It’s a 30 mile round trip and I was toying with the idea of camping out overnight.  I’ll have to be careful not to let this become one of those things ‘I forgot to do’ in 2006.

I haven’t really scheduled my annual ‘two or three days by myself’ as yet.  After my epic cycling trip round the adjacent islands I decided it would be good for my soul to get away by myself for a couple of days every year and try as much as possible not to talk to anyone.  It may sound strange but I think I benefit from it.  I usually find, actually, that within a few hours I start talking to my bike.  Especially when it won’t change gear when going up very steep hills.

I wish Joanne could come with me on the trip to Aviemore – and that reminds me, I must book the car – but she can’t get off work that weekend.  So it looks like Will and I and hopefully Becky will be heading north for the final stage of the MTB championships.

8 a.m – and do you know the day IS getting brighter.  Time to get up and start running and cycling.  This is my first full day off work in 2 weeks (what did I say about moanin’  and greetin’?) and I want it to be a quality day.  Joanne, who went in to work today with Andy, her boss, finishes at 2.30 this afternoon so I’d better get busy.

Remember to drop me a line, say hello, tell me who and where you are.  And let me know what you think about the podcast idea.


Gary Crosbie said...

Hi Gordon.
Sorry to hear you are on your own in cyberspace,there is some body outhere.
Came over to Tiree in August having spent several years visiting Colonsay,what a difference! didnt see our kids as they were off surfing everyday,has Suds managed to trade up to a new Mercedes or Porsche yet?
I was intending to run every day as I have a mountain marathon coming up next month but alas only felt motivated to to trot from the windsurfing lake to the beach.(idle wimp)now I'm paying the price.
Good luck with the Defenders we didnt get to the Regatta gig as we have an under14,hopefully next time,may even bring my guitar and seems everybody on the island has a musical talent,must be the fresh air.and a rich seam for radiotireeFM.Im looking for a career change and an mindfull to apply for the Traffic reporters spot!
Lookforward to catching up on Tiree life and the podcast.
Kind Regards
Gary, Maria,Stu and Rick Crosbie
Macclesfield Cheshire

Michael said...


I think you must try to podcast! No doubt about it. I would love to hear the voice behind all these great entries. Go man, go! Oh, you really should include some tracks from your band as well.