Saturday, September 16, 2006

Buddha Bill: Listen to my song online.

Today's picture was taken at Gott Bay on Friday. It's kind of a complicated story but I had to take Friday and Saturday off this week rather than Saturday and Sunday - I need to work on Sunday. So anyway I went out for a 20 mile cycle. I went up to the east end of the island. I haven't really explored those parts in years. It was quite a revelation. Brigitte and I went to Caoles, Milton, all those townships. And I took plenty of pictures. Trouble is I keep on forgetting to check that little switch at the side of my digital camera, the one that lets you select close-ups or landscapes. I must have knocked the switch at some point because I had it set for close-ups and that's why the above picture is probably the only decent one to survice. Pity I look like a posing eejit. I wasn't trying to, honest.

Today, Saturday, I managed a very slow 8-mile run. I was very pleased with myself after it. Even though it took me an eternity to complete the run - Cornaigmore-Hough-Moss-Heylipol-Island House and back up to Cornaigmore - the pain in my knee wasn't too bad. I'm wearing a knee support at the moment and it does help when I'm running.

After burning about 1200 calories on the run I decided the one thing I needed badly was lunch! Joanne and I headed over to the Lodge Hotel. She had lasagne, I had scampi. And a pint. Well, two pints actually. Of course, it's important to re-hydrate after a long run ...

While I was out on my run I listened to the latest edition of 'Fitness Rocks'. And yes, my song Buddha Bill is featured. So please do visit Doc Monte's site and give my tune a listen. Not only that but if you are at all interested in hearing a guy who knows his onions talk about healthy lifestyle alternatives, listen to the whole show. Here's how.

Doc Monte's website can be found at I have a permanent link down below and to the right. When you go to his page look for edition number 12 of the podcast. (As I write this is the latest edition.) Click the 'Listen Now' link on the right side. The latest edition of the podcast will start to play.

However, a little media player should pop up so that if you are reading this some time after I've posted this blog you should select show number 12.

If you would like to know more about the song see my previous blog.

I strongly urge you to consider subscribing to Doc Monte's show via iTunes or one of those other podcatchers. Posted by Picasa

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