Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All the world's a stage ...

Tonight, ladies and gentleman, I have been pig-faced. And chewing toffee-faced. Frowny-faced and big grin-faced. I have been a car and I have been driven around a class room at Tiree High School. I have made the biggest shape possible with a female of my acquaintence. And I have been a monkey and had fleas picked out of my hair.

Tonight, ladies and gentleman, the new drama class run by Drama graduate Becky Wright (of chocolate and charms fame) got underway. What I have described in my first paragraph is some of the limbering up and trust building exercises Becky put us through. We all had a a great night and we were eased gently into what promises to be a fascinating course.

We'll be studying various types of theatre and, as well as doing a bit of acting, we'll be finding out how a script is put together, developing the behind-the-scenes skills of a theatre production, and keeping logs of our progress. There is an element of assessment - after all this course has an award at the end of it. All in all this promises to be just the thing for getting my friends and I through the dark winter nights on Tiree.

Acting apart, today I managed to keep my running schedule up to date going for a two miles run at lunchtime on the beach at Balephetrish Bay. That's five miles on Sunday, two yesterday and two today. I had a look at the weather forecast for tomorrow and it looks like a wild wind is due to hit sometime tomorrow afternoon.

I've got a tune going through my head at the moment: 'An Actor's Life For Me'. I think it was in the Walt Disney version of Pinnochio.

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