Friday, August 18, 2006

The Woman in White

If any of the locals who read this are wondering where my wife has got to, well, the reason you’re not seeing so much of Joanne in the shop itself is because she now does the Cuisine de France bakery goods. So she spends quite a part of her day away at the back of the premises baking those lovely rolls and baguettes and other stuff that we all love to wolf on down. She seems to be enjoying it. You'll see her wearing the white cap and white tabard. On the down side she starts at 8 in the morning but she gets finished about 2.30 in the afternoon. That’s cool. This earlier start means that yours truly has to pull himself out of bed some time before 7 to drive her to work. What I then do is just drive over to Crossapol and start work earlier myself. That’s a good time in the morning to catch up with paper work, before the phone starts ringing or I have to go out and see someone or set about some other routine task.

The good news on the fitness front is that yesterday lunch time I managed a 2-mile run with no pain whatsoever. I might make that half-marathon in October yet. Also, my new bike is so sweet. Heading home via Scarinish today I smoked four cyclists and a car on a hill. At some point on the reef I hit 24 miles an hour. Bearing in mind that with this kind of bike you have less than half an inch of tread-less tyre on the ground these kinds of speeds are scary but exhilarating. I must remember always to wear my helmet!

Yesterday on Tiree that weather was just wonderful. The sun was very hot and there was only the slightest hint of a breeze. Last night at about 8.30 the rain started but it sounded like a light summer rain rather than a good old Scottish downpour. I think today is not to be so good but then we might get some good weather back.

Tonight we are heading over to Balephetrish to see our friends Fran and John whose camper van has been parked there for a few weeks. John is a 54 year-old surfing maniac. I notice this year that Balephetrish seems to be very busy, busier than I’ve ever seen it. Kite and wind surfers abound. I like those people, I really do. They’re nearly always sociable and good natured.

Talking of my mate John, he’s the guy who took most of the photographs from last week’s Defender’s/Rise gig and I’m getting them put on a disk when we go over. That means I’ll be boring you rigid over the next few blogs with photographs of me and my mates living out our rock ‘n’ roll fantasies.

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