Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Shore

The Old Man of Rock 'n' Roll

Saturday, Saturday, oh how I long for, yearn for Saturdays. My old Mother used to say ‘don’t wish your life away’ but I can’t help myself. From the moment I get to work on Monday mornings I begin a mental countdown to Friday at 5pm.

It has been a good Saturday so far. I rode out on my bike this morning and covered almost 18.5 miles, burning up nearly 1000 calories in the process. Or at least that’s what the computer tells me. I hope the computer has it right: as soon as I stopped running because of my knee injury I began putting on weight. You can see my double chin and middle-age spread re-emerging in the photographs from last week’s gig at An Talla. Now, I’m not one of these people who thinks that exercise is the key to eternal youth. But I have discovered that I do like to run (even if I tend to run very slowly) and that it makes me feel good. And I’m beginning to tinker with the idea of going in for the London Marathon next year. I know, however, that I need to drop a stone and a bit to undertake that particular challenge.

Left to right: Andy (on the drums), Bruce, Iain and me.

This winter I’m determined that I’m going to spend my evenings doing something useful. For one I’m going to keep going out on the bike and if I’m serious about London I will have to keep running through those dark, bleak months.

Then there’s the drama classes that are being run by Argyll College. Oh yes, I caught the bug for that too during the Napier Commission play. And hopefully Will Wright will find time to get his fitness classes for us oldies going. And there’s bound to be more Defenders’ gigs.

I’m also planning a little CD of my own compositions but more of that in the weeks to come. I now have the software installed in my computer for doing this so I have no excuses.

We had a nice evening last night with the Andels over at Balephetrish. We sat under the van’s awning all night. The weather yesterday and today has been superb.
Hope you enjoyed looking at the first batch of pictures from our gig with The Rise last week at An Talla. More soon.


Lotte said...

Hey hey, like the pics! Very reassuring to be looking at UK-ness, homesickness kicking in here. :-(

Anonymous said...

We should do it again sometime...............we will do it again sometime!

Lots of love The Rise

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting pictures of us playing that nite in tiree??

John-Allan macrae, Isle of Coll

The Rise