Saturday, August 05, 2006

Me and MI5

... Although thinking about this overnight the fact that the British Government is on the case is highly unlikely to deter any spammers. For instance, what would Tony Bliar - sorry, Blair - do about the situation?

"I'm sorry Gordon, I can't possibly do anything about the spammers hitting your old email account until we have a solution which is going to last. There's simply no point in any kind of a 'quick fix'. This problem has been with you for years now and simply stopping the spammers will achieve nothing in the short term."

Yes, that all sounds kind of familiar, Tony ...

So if you have my old email address on any of your round-robin emails be assured that if you get a message back to say that MI5 is tracking you - well, don't worry. It's just my little joke. Even if it wasn't nothing would happen.

I must say that I've hardly ever had any junk in my Hotmail account.

A dull, wet morning here, folks. Nevertheless, I am about to set out on a long bike ride just to keep my knee in shape. I'm determined that at some point this weekend I will have a little run but it's just a little dreich at the moment.

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