Monday, August 21, 2006

Fitness Rocks

I met a nice man online today. His name is Doctor Monte Ladner and he runs a website and puts out a pod cast entitled Fitness Rocks ( I heard Doc Monte’s name mentioned in a couple of my favourite running podcasts – Phedippidations and Burning 20 – and decided to check him out. At the back of my mind was the recent injury to my knee and that maybe I could get some hints for a speedy recovery by listening to his – hopefully – words of wisdom.

Well, for sure Doc Monte has lots of really interesting stuff to say about maintaining a healthy lifestyle but that’s not the reason why I’m talking about him tonight. No: I’ve decided to write a few lines about him because something he talked about on a recent pod cast really touched Joanne and I deeply.

The good Doctor was talking about the recently run Falmouth (Massachusetts) Road Race. Quite unexpectedly, somewhere near the middle of his pod cast, Monte tells the story of his wife Jenny and how, a few years back, she became very ill and how he and his wife dealt with the situation. Now I’m not going to tell you what happens – that would spoil the show. But what I will tell you is that when I first listened to the programme while cycling to work I almost had to pull over, such was the impact his words had on me.

A couple of nights later I played the show to Joanne and she was similarly touched by what she heard. I think we were both reminded of how sick Joanne had been at the start of the year, of the confusion and worry and sense of helplessness, and of how her illness was a big ‘wake up call’.

You really don’t want to miss out on this one. Go to Doc Monte’s site – - and click on the ‘listen now’ link on the right hand side. A list of podcasts will come up and you want to select pod cast number 007. As I said the story of Jenny’s illness will appear somewhere near the middle of pod cast.

I wrote to Doc Monte and told him how much his pod cast had meant to Joanne and I and he was kind enough to write back. He also said that he liked my blog and - get this - he wished he was more like me - a musician! This from a man whose job and passion it is to preserve and save life. Doctor Monte Ladner is one humble dude if I ever met one.

Rock on Doc Monte!

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