Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Collywobbles, Mountain Biking and Driving to Mongolia

Starting to get the collywobbles regarding Saturday night. This is quite unlike me, by the way. Although I'm always 'up for it' before a gig I'm worrying, once again, about playing the electric guitar on stage (even though I only actually play guitar on less than half the songs). Part of the problem is lack of confidence in the guitar: I'm playing Jenny's Squier Strat. She loves this guitar and basically there's nothing wrong with it. But it needs re-strung badly and it has a buzz on the 'D' string which indicates to me that someone who knows what they're doing needs to do a little servicing. If you don't play guitar this, of course, means nothing to you. Believe me, if you're going to stand in front of a crowd of between 150 - 200 people and blast them with an electric guitar you need to know it's not going to sound awful. Especially when you're trying to sing at the same time. Oh, woe is me! Anyway, the guitar will be re-strung by Saturday and someone who knows how to solve the problem of the buzzing string (Bruce) will have tackled that problem, hopefully. I enjoy performing so much that when things just aren't right I get really stressed out. Bear with me.

On a lighter note good news about my mate Will Wright. You'll remember Will, who lives in Heylipol, is, among other things, an intrepid mountain biker. On 5th August Will won the Sport M section of the 5th event in the Scottish Cross Country Mountain Biking Championship. Way to go, Will! This guy just blows me away and I'm very proud to call him my friend. The race comprised four laps of tough terrain racing. Will told me tonight on the telephone that he came off the bike twice. Undeterred, he fought on and finished over a minute ahead of the second placed rider. The next event is in September.

Alistair Boyd from Cornaigmore is engaged on another adventure. A few years back Alistair and a friend cycled from Cape Town to Sheffield and then on to Tiree for charity - a 10,000 mile unsupported journey. Best to sum up his latest adventure with a quote from the website he and 'Team Flashmen' have put together:

Flashmen is a team of four budding, heavily disillusioned adventurers who will be racing from London across Europe, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Russia, to Ulaan Baatar, in an effort to raise money for charity in this year’s Mongol Rally.

The race is well underway. You can find out more about Alistair's team at http://www.flashmen.org/ To find out more about the race itself go to http://www.mongolrally.com/

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