Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Bagel and a Cup of Java's Worth

I really must get Joanne to fall off her bike and in to fresh cow crap more often. Ever since that happened (a week past on Friday) our luck has taken a change for the better. My new bike is on it’s way, the opticians say there is absolutely no problem with getting my glasses fixed and my knee is starting to feel ever so slightly better this morning. In fact I’m going to have a run just after I’ve got this bagel and cup of java juice down me.

On Friday evening I was experimenting with some audio software. I listen to a lot of podcasts these days and I have an idea at the back of my bed that I could do a podcast or two from Tiree – ‘Radio Tiree’ if you will. I don’t have any portable equipment but I think what I’ll do initially – if I do this at all – is to record a simple programme, something right off the top of my head, something in Mp3 format, and then send it out by email to anyone who wants to listen to it. An experiment, if you will.

If that comes together it would be like this Blogspot – really about me and my life on Tiree. Maybe I could rope a few friends and other locals to talk about their experience of Tiree. Even I don’t know what I’m on about here. Humour me.

My major goal for the remainder of the year is to run the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon on the 7th or the 8th October. I may have mentioned this before. The inspiration behind this worldwide event is a guy called Steve Runner – aka Steve Walker – who podcasts from Oxford, Massachusetts. Steve and a bunch of his friends are organising people all over the world to run in unity on these dates. There’s no overt aim here other than to get a bunch of like-minded people out pounding the road. You can find out more at

I can’t make up my mind yet whether I should try to raise sponsorship for some community projects. I know the eventide home and the district nursing team could always use a little more equipment to help them in their work. Getting sponsorship and collecting the money takes a bit of an effort – in some ways it’s harder work than the actual run, I find.

BUT HEY! I JUST HAD A BRAINWAVE! Why don’t I get Joanne to organise all that stuff? What a generous soul I am to involve her in my hobbies, don’t you think?

By the way, THE DEFENDERS are playing next Saturday evening at An Talla. I see the posters refer to us as ‘Tiree’s greatest ever rock band’. Actually, I think we are probably Tiree’s only ever rock band. Tickets are £8.00 and it’s a very full programme. We have a little amateur slot when Jamie Beese and John Issacson will be playing a few tunes. Then we have our good friends, The Rise, over from the Isle of Coll. And then, of course, Tiree’s greatest ever rock band. Should be a great night. Oh and by the way: the profits from the bar (yes, the gig is licensed!) go to Tiree Regatta Club.

Although I say it myself I’m not usually quick to think the worst of people. I don’t really think this is because I’m a lovely person. More likely it’s because the most obvious things in life tend to go right over my head. Ask any of my friends: I can’t see the forest for the trees. Maybe that’s why I just cannot believe that Floyd Landis (the winner of this year’s Tour de France who was sacked today by Team Phonak when his ‘B’ test was positive was testosterone) is a cheat. Everything we know about the man – his religious convictions, his humility, his generosity – tells us that this is not the type of guy who would take a performance enhancing drug to win a race. One day the truth will come out. I hope that day is soon. This man is not a cheat.

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