Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Voodoo Chile

I’m sure someone has a voodoo doll in my image. And maybe they have one made to resemble Joanne. What a year so far. Bad luck all the way. It’s now weeks since I went to sleep really and truly content and optimistic about what I’d be doing tomorrow. And all because of our bad luck. We’ve been through the whole thing with Joanne getting sick, followed by the less than fulfilling annual holiday when we were swept along in the currents of a Lake District monsoon … I haven’t even mentioned the crappy hotel in Glasgow where we stayed after The Eagles gig (£75!). And there’s all those flat tyres: one, a week before we set off on holiday, and one in the week after we got back. This latter flat tyre really hurt: while we were on the mainland I drove over 1,600 miles. As soon as we got back here – blowout!

To add insult to injury I set out on a bike run last week, really up for a good workout, and what happened? That’s right: a flat! Honest, I give up. Maybe I need to contact one of the local ministers or a shaman, someone – anyone – who can halt our run of bad fortune.

And now James can’t make the Coll gig. James Christie plays rythmn electric guitar in The Defenders. He’s also one of the airport fire fighters and he has to be on call that day. That’s right: he’s on call, so he can’t be on Coll. So I have to do something I haven’t done in a rock band since 1987: play an electric guitar on stage. This should be a laugh. Bruce, Iain and I are getting together tomorrow night to see if this is feasible. Knowing my luck the amp will go on fire or I’ll immediately break all the strings on my daughter’s Fender Squire Stratocaster – which I have begged the use of for the gig – or possibly even both.

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