Friday, July 28, 2006

The Sting

Here are yesterday’s scores in the Bad Luck League.  And what do you know, folks, it’s a draw: Gordon 1 – Joanne 1.

The results in more detail.

I picked up my spectacles from bedside cabinet yesterday morning and one of the legs came off in my hand.  Nothing to do with a missing screw or anything so mundane, of course.  No, the hinge has completely sheared.  These spectacles – varifocals – are less than a year old and neither Joanne or I are able to remember if I took out insurance when I bought them.

Joanne’s bad luck happening was more straight forward.  She got stuck on the *** by a bee.  Now, before your mind starts running riot I’ll explain what seems to have happened.  Joanne jumped in to the car at tea-time in the late afternoon to join me for a shopping trip over at Scarinish.  She got in to the passenger seat and immediately began complaining that something was sticking in to her.  Off we went.  She reached under her and pulled something out.  She looks at the offending object for a second before letting out a screech and yells ‘a bee!’ and out the window it goes.

I offered to pull over and do a field operation as my Swiss army knife has a set of tweezers in it.  But I am informed that unlike wasps bees do not leave their sting behind them.  I am not sure if this is correct having only ever been stung once before in my entire life and by a wasp on that occasion.  I momentarily consider whether I should offer to suck out the poison but decide to let that one pass.  

I mention that Janet Bowler is conducting research into bumblebees and wonder if we should have kept the assassin instead of launching him out of the car.  I ponder also whether the ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’is in the key of B flat.

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