Saturday, July 01, 2006

Charlie and Jen, More photographs from A' Bhuain, Our Miserable Holiday pt. 1 and last, but not least: Oh, Canada!

I received a very welcome email recently from Siobhan Perry.

While IOTON was up and running Siobhan sent me a delightful picture of her daughter Jen sitting next to their dog Charlie on the machair on Tiree.

I’m sure many of my former readers will remember it.

Siobhan has very kindly sent me this update.

In the picture to your left Jen is about 10 months old and Charlie – their dog – is 8 years old.

In the picture which heads up today's blog Charlie is now 12 and Jen is now the ripe old age of four and a half.

Charlie has hardly changed a bit. As for Jen, well, she’s changed a lot.

Siobhan, I look forward to hearing from you again in another four years with a further update.

I’ve just added another 109 pictures from the Homecoming on to the Flickr page.

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT NOTE: these new photographs have been added to Volume 3b.

This is because the people who run this service have informed me that if I want to create any more volumes it will cost me money. Or, as they put it, I have to ‘go pro’.

I think I’ll pass on going pro, meantime.

The photographs, as always, can be accessed on the right hand toolbar, not far from the top.

I think that’ll do it for now with the Homecoming photographs – but if you have something special you’d like me to head up a blog with send it to me.

I know you must be wondering how well our holiday went. Well all I can say is that in 2006 Joanne and I have been jinxed. Or maybe that’s not quite the way to put it. Joanne, certainly, is having continued bad luck with her health. While we were away she developed a bad cold and laryngitis. She felt miserable for the most part but still managed to struggle along to Hampden Park on the 23rd June to see The Eagles, her all time favourite band.

More soon. I’m still at that post-holiday stage where you wake up in your own bed in the morning and can’t remember where the dickens you are.

But in the meantime, a big shout out to the Robertson’s in Manitoba who sent the Scott family a lovely package of t-shirts and stuff. This arrived while we were away. I’d mentioned to them in an email that I’d seen a great t-shirt in the A’ Bhuain raffle – the words ‘Oh Canada’ against a large maple leaf – and that if they ever saw it could they buy it for me and I’d send the money to them. The very t-shirt – the exact one! – was waiting for me when I got back. A gift. Well, Robertson Clan, I can’t thank you enough. What a lovely gesture. I’ll wear it with pride!

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