Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More A' Bhuain Photographs

Greetings! I have just posted a whole load of A' Bhuain photographs (see link in side bar, right) but somehow the first lot didn't get sorted into a 'volume'. The photographs I intended to form volume 3 were uploaded but are only available for viewing in the general list on the left - the one which shows the previews. The next fifty-odd are sorted under volume 3b. I called it 3 'b' just to remind you that there were others before this that you shouldn't miss.

(I'm not sure if I understand what I'm trying to say myself so you'd be as well just to click on the link and start viewing!).

As I mentioned last time, these are random images and it's not possible for me to put the photographs into a context. Thanks to Jessie Gray for supplying the images we are seeing currently.

As Joanne and I are off on holiday for two weeks from Saturday I thought I'd try to get a load of pictures online before we leave. I'll also try to do a little news round up before then.

Nothing too exciting for this vacation. We're heading first for the Lake District where we will do some gentle hiking. After a few days of that it's back up to Glasgow so Joanne can see her all time heroes, The Eagles, perform live at Hampden Park. Then it's a quick drive down to Bedford and Suffolk to see some old friends and to indulge myself in a little off-road mountain biking.

Joanne is hoping to get back to work soon and we don't want to do anything to jeopardize her recovery at this point. So, some gentle exercise for Joanne is on the cards but nothing crazy.

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