Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mining The Archive #2

Greetings! Recovering from his running of the Ottawa Marathon recently Scott Cameron told me by email that 'coming down the stairs backwards isn't all that bad'. After running my first ever road race on Saturday - a modest 6 miles as opposed to Scott's 26.2 miles - I found out on Sunday what he meant! However, my old muscles are now regaining something of their ability to stretch and I feel like getting back on the road.

And who is this handsome chap pictured atop Ben Hough in August 2000, I hear you ask? Well it's none other than Scott himself. And that brings me to today's link: Picture Store June 2001. This extract from the IOTON archive is a miscellany of news and general interest items and photographs. CLICK HERE to go to the page. REMEMBER to click on the thumbnail images to see the bigger version AND that if you click on the link at the bottom of these pages you will go to the next page in the sequence.

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