Sunday, June 04, 2006

Boo Hugh 2/Tiree 10k/A' Bhuain Pictures Link

The little flyer I have in front of me says ‘following its success at A’ Bhuain, a re-enactment of the re-enactment of The Napier Play' ...

Certainly the play definitely was one of the successes of Homecoming week. But then come to think of it there were no ‘failures’ during Homecoming week.

Although everyone who took part in the play breathed a sense of relief when it was all over, I had become aware of a rumour that Mabel wanted us to do it again in a week or so for the locals who hadn’t been able to come to the afternoon performance.

And so on Wednesday 7th June at 7.30 pm at An Talla we do it all again. Admission is £3.00.

Oddly enough following my performance as Factor Hugh MacDiarmid the phone has not been ringing off the hook with offers from Hollywood or The Royal Shakespeare Company. What comes next for me then is rehearsing new material with The Defenders.

Mabel Macarthur adapted the original transcript of the Napier Commission visit to Tiree and made it in to a great wee play.

Although the action takes place mostly in 1883 it seems to touch a nerve with folks today. Not only did the audience react and participate but people continued to hiss and boo at me for days afterward. So from a personal point of view Wednesday’s performance is Boo Hugh Two.

The running of the 1st ever Tiree 10k is almost upon us. I’ve been training for this since the end of January. I can now run the 10k – that’s six miles in old money – without stopping but only if I go very slowly.

I don’t see the other runners as my primary threat, more someone on the fun walk, perhaps someone on the fun walk pushing a pram.

I had hoped by this time to get down to 10 minutes a mile so that I could finish the run in an hour. If I really, really pushed myself maybe I could do it but I don’t think it would be safe for me to do it. I’ve tried running faster for extended periods but all I get for my trouble is a terrible stitch in my side.

Plus there’s this little voice in the back of my mind reminding me that I am now 50, that I’ve been training for less than five months and that pushing myself too hard might be a very bad idea.­

So don’t think you’re eyes are deceiving you if you think you see someone who appears to be running with a forward motion but who seems further away every time you look at him. That’s me, going backwards.

Anyway, here’s the details. The run takes place on 1 pm Saturday 10th June. Registered runners will be sent the details.

If you have not handed in your entry to Will you should do it ASAP. The course is Balevullin-Moss-Heylipol-Balinoe Beach-An Talla. If you are in these areas between 1 pm and 4 pm on Saturday afternoon please be considerate of the runners and walkers (especially the decrepit slow one with the crew cut and expression of great pain on his face).

I’ve put a link to the photographs on the side bar under ‘Tiree Related Links’ (which reminds me, I must think of a better name for that section). If you click on that link you’ll see a set of photographs entitled ‘Volume 1’. Other volumes will appear as I receive batches of photographs. The link is also to be found over at the A’ Bhuain website.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gordy, it was grand to catch you however briefly during A'Bhuain. I have been dismayed to notice in all the reports about A'Bhuain, both on the homecoming web site and in the Oban Times the absence of mention of homecomers from America. On behalf of Barry MacDonald, the Ken MacCallum Family, Joe and Ramona Hograth, my daughter SaDee and myself, may I just say, we were there. Proud members of the Tiree Diaspora and Proud Americans. Our flag, the national Stars and Stripes and our state flag, Minnesota, were both flying in front of An Talla (and I hope still are).
I thought you were a splendid Hugh and I hope that experience spurs you on to other theatrical experiences.
All the Best,

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