Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Big Day Dawns Again

Wednesday.  Another misty morning but not the way it was on Monday when the mist was so thick and low to the ground that the plane didn’t make it in.  When the plane doesn’t make it in it causes quite a bit of disruption.  Folks who had planned to leave that day have their plans completely disrupted; folks who were desperate to get back home can’t and end up depressed and frustrated; and then there’s the no newspapers and no mail.

Well, today is the big day – again!  Tonight the re-enactment of the re-enactment of the Napier Commission.  Last night I was rehearsing with The Defenders and so didn’t get time to run through my words again.  Hope it’ll be ok, though.  I am a bit wary of saying things like, ‘oh, it’ll be fine’ because then I think you become complacent and over confident and that’s when the problems start.

In a rock band that’s not so much of a problem.  If I find myself forgetting a line in a song (and to be fair it doesn’t happen very often) no one seems to notice if I just make something up.  Sometimes you can sing whatever you like as long as it rhymes with the next line.

But that’s not possible in a play.  Everyone is giving you respect and paying attention to what you’re saying.  If you start making up words in that kind of a situation I would expect you would not only loose your way but you’d always throw the other cast member you’re acting with into complete confusion.

As I said last night (when I finally managed to get back online to!) I’ll take along the camera and hopefully someone can take some pictures.  

Now don’t laugh at this next bit: I heard on the grapevine last night that a good friend of mine is hoping to run a High National Certificate course in performing arts right here on Tiree.  Wouldn’t that be something to add to my CV …

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