Sunday, June 11, 2006


One hour, six minutes and seventeen seconds, to be exact. Second last only but only because someone failed to finish. In training the best I had run the 10k distance was something like 1:12 and I had hoped adrenalin would have pushed me along a bit faster on the day. Alas it was not to be and I can’t even blame the fact the wind was right in my face for almost all the distance – it was the same for everyone.

All of the people who overtook me were much younger than me – all of them apart from the 70 year old lady from the Lothian Running Club.

If I sound negative about my experience I want to assure you I’m not. I said all along that my goal on the day was to finish and in fact another way to look at it is that I actually scored a personal best.

Ok. That’s the moan over.

It was a great event, so well organised, and everyone who was there was out to have a good time. There were three races: a 10k walk, a 10k run and a 4k fun run for the kids.

Joanne joined up with our friend Rona Campbell of Scarinish to successfully complete the 10k walk.

Will Wright was the man who put the thing together and the event was sponsored by Wild Diamond Surfing, Chocolate and Charms, Concise Aerospace and The Surgery.

Doctor Holliday was the course medic and he trailed along at the back of the field to look after any casualties. This meant of course that for most of the time he was trailing me.

Thankfully the weather wasn’t just as hot as I’d feared. It was a little overcast, actually, and that headwind – something like 20 miles per hour – kept everyone cool.

The course was Balevullin, Moss, Heylipol, Balinoe, Crossapol. There was quite a buzz among all us sweaty walkers and runners afterwards. Lots of high fives and hugs. Recovery teas and coffees and snacks were provided by the ladies of the Women’s Rural Institute.

The chocolate fountain provided by Chocolate and Charms was a real hit. Joanne and Rona got stuck right in! Of course I ended up with more chocolate over my fingers than on my strawberry on a stick.

After the prize giving I said a few brief words to thank Will for his efforts in making the event happen. The guy put in such a lot of hard work and it all paid off. Will has made a terrific impact in the short time he and Becky have lived on Tiree. He’s a great coach, a great motivator and an inspiration.

As I told Will last night at the Lodge Hotel (my second visit of the week!), at the start of this year I couldn’t run the length of my body. As a result of his keep fit classes and programme I was inspired to take on the 10k. Yesterday I run the entire distance, albeit slowly. Will has to take 50% of the credit for that.

Today’s picture: a thorn between two roses: that’s Joanne on the left and Rona Campbell on the right.

If I get a picture of me crossing the line (somehow I managed to sprint home!) I’ll post it soon.

I actually feel like going for a long cycle now but as we have old friends visiting this week and there’s the British Grand Prix and more World Cup to be watched on the box I may not get time. Feeling pretty good today all things considered.

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